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ABIFormazione - English

Short description                                                                                      

ABIFormazione was founded in 1999, as a division of ABIServizi SpA (a private stock company, owned by the Italian Banking Association). The mission is: a) to be the leading company in the field of training and professional services dedicated to the Italian financial services industry; b) to excel in offering innovative and effective training services to the banking sector.

The ABIFormazione's specialised staff works with a wide network of financial professionals, advisors and professors. Our trainers have a remarkable experience in designing and managing credit and financial training initiatives. 

We provide special value by: focusing on the strategic issues impacting on the financial system as a whole; having exclusive institutional relations; offering certificated levels of quality and service; optimising the quality/price ratio.

We are committed  to: monitoring the most widely used training practices in the Italian banking industry; offering counselling services and experimenting new methodologies; carrying out European projects on innovation in the fields of both training  and certification; developing sound relationships with leading international institutions such as EBTN   - European Banking & Financial Services Training Association Aisbl.



ABIFormazione provides training and knowledge management services covering all the most important topics for the Italian banking and financial industry such as:

  • legislation and regulations;
  • credit;
  • finance and savings;
  • taxation and balance sheet;
  • insurance and bancassurance;
  • risk management;
  • payment instruments and services;
  • compliance;
  • internationalization;
  • internal audit;
  • human resources management and safety management;
  • planning and control;
  • ICT, organization and processes;
  • marketing and commercial development;
  • managerial and personal development.



ABIFormazione provides all the training formats:

- classroom training

- e-learning

- blended training;

- web based training;

- webinars.


ABIFormazione is always ready to study and propose new formats based on innovation.

Our knowledge management services are technology based and rely on the highest level of customisation.

International networks

ABIFormazione takes part in some of the most important associations collecting financial and credit training institutes at a european and international level.

A special mention is dedicated to EBTN Aisb – European Banking and Financial Services Training Association, whereby ABIFormazione co-operates in a constant, common committment towards the innovation in training and certification for the banking and financial industry.